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Transport Infrastructure – a modern alternative to kerb inlet drainage

A kerb inlet is an inlet to a stormwater pit. These conventional structures are the mainstay for roads and many other pavements where kerbs are found. Their suitability however can become very limited in problem areas like wide roads with flat grades or in built up areas, where excavation space is limited.
As detailed in Austroads Guide to Road Design (Part 5A), trench drains are used extensively today to deal with stormwater runoff in these applications. For many road projects, engineers have used trench drains to:

  • Eliminate the need to incorporate road shoulders
  • Reduce the number for pits and underground pipework
  • Reduce the risk of gutter flow from encroaching into the traffic lane
  • Minimise the risk of interference with other services due to their compact installation
  • Eliminate the need to construct separate kerb and drainage structures
  • Reduce inspection and maintenance times

For a more detailed review, click on the link below:

For over 25 years, ACO has worked closely with all Australian Road Authorities and road engineers to provide surface drainage solutions for specific projects. Our project design services are offered free of charge and obligation. To help engineers define the space of their excavation, BIM models are now available. Additionally to further the awareness of these solutions, we partnered with Engineers Australia this year to deliver a CPD on the topic which was reviewed with an industry publication.

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