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Wide range of drainage intake structures to suit most applications ACO Infrastructure slot drainage systems which act homogeniously with conrete slabs Slot drainage systems which act homogeniously with conrcrete slabs ACO Infrastructure Trench drains that can run though pedestrianised zones Trench drains that can run through pedestrianised zones ACO Infrastructure Monolithic construction - one peice inlet structures with minimal excavation One piece inlet structures with minimal excavation ACO Infrastructure High capacity - Drainage systems to deal with large volume runoff Drainage systems to deal with large volume runoff ACO Infrastructure light rail Providing efficient surface water drainage to grooved rail & track slabs ACO Infrastructure One piece trench drains without any moving parts ACO Infrastructure

ACO Infrastructure is the market leading brand for trench drainage in transportation infrastructure applications.

These systems consist of factory manufactured channel units made from durable materials designed to withstand the most challenging environments. ACO Infrastructure comprises a number of systems for roads and highways; mass transit systems (rail, bus, terminals, truck stops etc…) bridges and tunnels; seaports and container terminals, and airports.

Systems comes complete with either non-removable or removable lockable grates compliant to AS 3996 and EN 1433.

Systems includes:

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Transport Infrastructure Trench Drains

Drains built for civil infrastructure

ACO Infrastructure Drainage Products

ACO Infrastructure offers a diverse range of options to meet the requirements of transportation infrastructure projects.

As a leading manufacturer of drainage solutions, we are experts in our field. and have invested heavily to support you.

ACO is staffed by qualified engineers and equipped with purpose-written computer software to offer you a design service without obligation to ensure the correct product is chosen for your project.

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Drains For Infrastructure

Case studies for ACO Infrastructure solutions

Sydney Light Rail

Located within pedestrian areas, a major challenge for designers was to manage surface water run-off from the pavement and tram tracks so that it would be safe for pedestrians, cyclists and commercial vehicles.

Read more about this here.

Port Of Brisbane

Busy maritime operations involve the movement of very heavy vehicles as they load and unload containers. Their repetitive nature imposes severe stresses on flat apron areas that are difficult to drain.

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Qantas Maintenance Facilities

Sydney Airport Corporation gave a directive to designers to eliminate the possibility of loose grates. This is a direct result of ongoing rectification works from the existing trench grate and frame systems that have failed.

Read more about this here.

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