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Access covers

Need access to services running beneath your pavement?  Manhole access covers are used extensively across Australia’s diverse transport infrastructure (airports, highways & motorways, light rail, wharves & docks etc.).

The ACO Access range is the industry’s widest range of cover and frame systems comprising both iron and steel. ACO offers an infill and solid range in single part, 2 part, 3 part, trench run and multipart configurations. Brass & stainless edging are options for aesthetic applications.

ACO’s access covers have been appraised by regulatory bodies as well as a number of Australian utility authorities.

ACO’s range includes:

ACO Access Covers
  • Rhinocast® – Infill iron access covers
  • Rhinocast® – Solid top iron access covers
  • Urbanfil® – Tilemate: Shallow steel access covers
  • Urbanfil® – Pavermate: Deep steel access covers
  • Servokat – Assisted lift access covers
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