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The world's leading grated trench drain system

ACO Infrastructure is the market leading brand for trench drainage in transportation infrastructure applications, namely highways & motorways, urban roads, airport pavements, container ports, industrial parks, bus & truck stops, distribution centres, streetscapes etc…

The systems consist of factory manufactured channel units made from corrosion resistant durable materials to withstand the most challenging environments.

ACO Infrastructure comprises a number of systems and comes complete with either non-removable or removable lockable grates.

Australian madeTraffikDrain

TraffikDrainA heavy duty modular trench drain made from polymer concrete. Each channel unit has a cast-in ductile iron wearing edge rail which provides support for trafficable wheel loads up to 8 tonnes. There is a choice of 3 grate types, the Hi-Flo and Transverse grates, which ensures high water intake and the Heelsafe® grate, allowing for safe pedestrian passage.

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Australian made


KerbDrainA one piece heavy duty modular trench drain made from polymer concrete comprising an integrally cast channel and batter with inlets for continuous drainage. The underlying channel then transfers captured flow to the stormwater system often eliminating the need for multiple pits. Both mountable and non-mountable batter profiles are available.

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MonoblockA one piece heavy duty modular trench drain made from polymer concrete for heavy duty areas in fast moving traffic. Its monolithic construction removes the risk of components vibrating loose allowing it to be suitable in applications where drainage is positioned within the flow of traffic.

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Australian made


QmaxA heavy duty slot drainage system made from lightweight, polyethylene (PE). A water tight seal is provided by a push fit connection between each 2 metre long unit. A number of sizes is available to cater for the drainage of small urban streetscapes up to large expansive tarmacs.

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Australian made


TramDrainTramDrain is a drainage system designed to provide efficient surface water drainage to the grooved rail and track slab. Available in overall channel sizes (width x depth) of 230mm x 191mm (TramDrain 175A), 260mm x 290mm (TramDrain 200A) and 260mm x 375mm (TramDrain 200B).

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ACO Drain Products For Urban Infrastructure

Commercial trench drains

ACO also offers a diverse range of urban infrastructure drainage systems for public domains, community areas, streetscapes, schools, business parks, car parks, commercial and industrial developments. For more info, click here.

ACO Access Covers

Access covers

ACO also offers a diverse range of access covers for a wide range of utility enclosures including cable pits and sewer chambers. These are cover and frame systems that are installed integrally into slabs and pavements. For more info, click here.

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