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Choosing the right system

applicationTrench drains are designed to collect and remove surface water and a failure to do so will require early replacement of the drainage system with the associated remediation costs.

Early failure of the drainage system is usually due to an inappropriate choice of grate and/or channel for the application.

To ensure a long service life of the drainage system, consider the following application requirements.

Loading requirements

load requirement

Loads influence pavement design and as the trench system is an integral part of the pavement, the correct installation detail is critical to product longevity.

ACO provides the following:

  • Advice on the most appropriate load class
  • Load test certificates
  • Detailed technical installation drawings

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AS 3996 table of load classification

Site requirements

site requirementssite requiremetns

The specific site requirements will influence the material selected for the trench drain and grate.
ACO supplies channels and grates in a variety of materials. The correct material choice ensures longevity.
ACO can provide advice and supply drainage systems for chemical corrosion resistance and non-metallic environments.

ACO provides the following:

  • Advice on suitable trench drain and grate material
  • Material test reports
  • Detailed specification information sheets

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User requirements

user requirementsuser requirements

ACO provides recommendations on the most suitable grate for a project based on legislative and specific user requirements.

ACO provides the following:

  • Information on the industry standards
  • Information on government compliance
  • Detailed technical information

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Hydraulic performance refers to the amount of liquid a drain collects and discharges in a given time period. The amount of liquid determines the size of channel and the optimum slot size for the grate.

An undersized or oversized trench drain may have cost and liability expenses especially when flood damages property or personal risk is of concern.

ACO provides project specific hydraulic information to accurately determine the safest and most cost effective trench drainage system.

ACO provides the following:

  • Site specific hydraulic simulations showing the performance of the channel and grate
  • Hydraulic simulations showing the effect of temporary ponding

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trench layoutWhen multiple trench runs are involved, determining what pieces go where can be a challenge when the products are delivered to site.

To ensure this part of the process runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible, ACO offers several services.

ACO provides the following:

  • Trench run layouts in plan
  • Elevation layout of the trench runs showing the numbered sequence of the modular channels
  • Bill of Materials (BOM) showing all products itemised

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installationInstalling the drainage system correctly the first time ensures the trench drain will perform as expected.

ACO has a team of experienced engineers to offer advice on the most suitable installation to ensure the longevity of the trench drain.

Advice includes the various methods of installing the trench drain and suggestions about the concrete encasement suitable for the site.

ACO provides the following:

  • Detailed installation guide
  • Consultation on specific installation concerns
  • Installation drawings showing detailed sections

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CPD training

In today’s ever-changing construction industry, it has never been more important to ensure you are up to date with current industry regulations, practices, trends and innovations.

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Continuous professional development is a commitment required by chartered bodies to develop your career and encourage lifelong learning. Some courses have been accredited by professional associations such as Engineers Australia (EA), Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) and Architectural Information Services (AIS).

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