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Highways & Motorways

gateway vision perthHighways & Motorways provide the most challenging environments for drainage systems, cable pits and manhole covers. A variety of vehicle types, from cars to semi-trailers, travelling at high speeds, braking and turning in various weather conditions, 24 hours a day, can impose severe stress on road surfaces. Only proven, reliable, quality products are used in these applications. Drainage systems need to work efficiently to ensure surface water is removed quickly and that accidents do not occur from aquaplaning.

Trench drainage solves 5 types of problems
1. Wide roads with flat grades (Intersections)
2. Restricted depth applications i.e. bridges
3. Super elevated transitions
4. Medians/kerbs built close to roads thoroughfare
5. Containing the contaminated runoff (WSUD)

ACO trench drainage systems are available in many configurations and sizes to allow for the efficient removal of surface liquids from roads. ACO’s grated trench systems are either monolithic in construction for optimum safety in high speed traffic or are available with removable grates that are locked with boltless mechanisms into integrally cast ductile iron edge rails with anti-shunt mechanisms. Monolithic interlocking precast drainage kerbs are also available to reduce the width of flow where there is limited space between the edge of the carriageway and the kerb. ACO has supplied a variety of products, including access covers, to highways and motorways worldwide for over 40 years.


  • ACO is acknowledged in the Austroads Guide to Road Design Part 5A on pages 62 to 63 to view or download, click here
  • To learn more about ACO’s other civil construction products, click here
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