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Airports provide the most punishing environment for drainage systems, cable pits and manhole covers. 24 hour movement of very heavy wheel loadings on runways, taxiways, hangars, access roads, and other apron areas impose severe stress on these hard surface pavements.

The ever-present requirement for safety in apron areas means only proven, reliable, quality products are used.

ACO trench drainage systems are available in sloped runs to allow for the efficient removal of surface liquids from level slabs.

ACO has supplied a variety of products including cable pits and access covers to civil and military airports worldwide for over 40 years. ACO also manufactures hygienic stainless steel grated drainage channels, floor wastes, grease traps and modular pipe systems ideal for use in food and wash-down areas of terminal buildings.

ACO Qmax

ACO Qmax

ACO PowerDrain

ACO PowerDrain (ACO Drain range)

ACO Monoblock

ACO Monoblock

[Products selection must be assessed against specific project requirements, for advice contact ACO or visit our Support section]

ACO trench drain systems are available in many configurations and sizes to allow for the efficient removal of surface liquids from pavements.

ACO’s grated trench systems are either monolithic in construction for optimum safety in high speed traffic or are available with removable grates that are locked with boltless mechanisms into integrally cast ductile iron edge rails with anti-shunt mechanisms.

ACO has manufactured and supplied these products in Australia for over 25 years.

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