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Light Rail

drainage for tramsA key consideration of light rail is how it deals with rain and so  track installations should not add complication to the runoff and disposal of stormwater.

Linear drainage systems are essential solutions for the water management of track infrastructure and must be specifically developed to suit grooved rail and track slabs in light rail environments.

Track drains must also have the ability to be adapted for bespoke applications. A tram line’s drain performance is not the only criteria. Drain grates are in constant visual and physical contact with the urban environment and so grate aesthetics must also be taken into account.

Hydraulically, drains need to be large enough to cope with design storm water runoff volumes from both the pavement surface and the water collected by the rail. Each drainage system must have a sufficient number of connection outlets to the underlying storm water pipe network. These evacuation points can either be beneath the track or off to the side in an adjacent pavement. From a constructability perspective, the relationship between the road and track surfaces must also be taken into account and in most cases; track slabs have a finite depth and therefore can only accommodate a compact drain.

ACO TramDrain 175A

ACO TramDrain 175A

ACO N100 Derailment Channel

ACO N100 derailment channel

ACO TramDrain 200A

ACO TramDrain 200A

[Products selection must be assessed against specific project requirements, for advice contact ACO or visit our Support section]

ACO trench drain systems are available in many configurations and sizes to allow for the efficient removal of surface liquids from roads.

ACO’s TramDrain System is designed to provide efficient surface water drainage to the grooved rail and track slab. Available in a choice of sizes, ACO’s TramDrain system can be adapted to any light rail track design.

ACO has supplied a variety of products, including access covers, to light rail infrastructure worldwide for over 40 years.

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