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Creating Drainage Systems for Safer Transport Infrastructure

Drainage For Safer Infrastructure

Commercial drainage systems are an often overlooked, but essential element of safe transport infrastructure. If correct drainage is not installed, users of many common roadways, streetscapes and industrial areas are put at risk from “ponding” of rainwater, which can cause inconvenience or, at worst, serious accidents such as collisions and slipping.

To minimise dangers for users of highways, motorways, urban roads, airport pavements, container ports, industrial parks, bus and truck stops, distribution centres, streetscapes and more, ACO provides market leading commercial drainage systems for transportation infrastructure applications.

ACO’s systems consist of factory manufactured channel units made from corrosion resistant durable materials designed to withstand the most challenging environments. This makes them ideal for diverse Australian climates and durable in all seasons. ACO Infrastructure comprises a number of systems and comes complete with either non-removable or removable lockable grates. The following range of ACO’s drainage systems are designed for efficient and safe management of water in commercial and industrial areas.

TraffikDrain is a heavy duty modular trench drain made from polymer concrete. Each channel unit has a cast-in ductile iron wearing edge rail which provides support for trafficable wheel loads up to 13 tonnes, making TraffikDrain ideal for use on busy roads. A choice of two types of grate allows flexible options for installation in both pedestrian access areas and areas predominantly used by vehicle traffic.

The HiFlo grate ensures maximum water intake, resulting in quick water removal from road surfaces, keeping drivers free from aquaplaning and therefore potential collision. For heavily patronised areas, the Iron Heelsaferegistration mark Anti-Slip grate allows for safe pedestrian passage. Iron Heelsaferegistration mark Anti-Slip stops heels from getting stuck and will keep fingers, paws and walking sticks from getting caught. Iron Heelsaferegistration mark Anti-Slip is secured with a boltless lockable grate which enables quick access to facilitate maintenance operations.

To help prevent public falls and injuries, ACO believes that small slotted grates should also be slip resistant. Each Iron Heelsafe Anti-Slip grate has raised mechanical nodes and complies with various user and legislative requirements, including AS 4586 for slip resistance.

The TraffikDrain is best suited to the following applications:

  • Highways & motorways
  • Urban roads
  • Bus stops
  • Truck stops
  • Distribution centres
  • Carparks

For more information, please visit the TraffikDrain page in the products section of

KerbDrain transforms kerbs into continuous inlet structures with minimal excavation, largely eliminating hazards from roads and streetscapes. Typically applied in highways & motorways, intersections, carparks, streetscapes housing developments and city centres, KerbDrain is suitable for a range of environments and comprises an integrally cast channel and batter with inlets for continuous drainage.

Made of a one piece heavy duty modular trench drain formed from polymer concrete, the KerbDrain is robust and durable enough to last in heavily trafficked public areas. It is available with both mountable and non-mountable batter profiles.

Once drain water is collected in the drain, the underlying channel transfers captured flow to the stormwater system, often eliminating the need for multiple pits. A modular system is also available to cater for layouts in streetscapes and carpark applications where level access for pedestrians and vehicles is required.

For more information and specifics of the KerbDrain modular trench drain system, please visit the KerbDrain page in the Products section of

Monoblock is a one piece heavy duty modular trench drain made from polymer concrete designed to address the drainage demands of heavy duty areas in fast moving traffic. When vehicles move past commercial drainage systems at high speeds, there is a risk of components vibrating loose and causing harm to on-comers and the surrounding environment. Monoblock’s robust single piece construction eliminates this hazard, making it suitable in applications where drainage is positioned within the flow of traffic.
Some such areas where the Monoblock is suitable include:

  • Airport pavements
  • Container ports
  • Industrial parks
  • Distribution centres
  • Highways & motorways
  • Correctional facilities

Monoblock is also suitable in high security applications, as there is no risk of any removable components coming loose during service or unauthorised access to the underlying channel. For detailed information and specifics on Monoblock, please visit the Monoblock page in the products section of

Qmax is a heavy duty slot drainage system made from lightweight, medium duty polyethylene (MDPE) designed for applications consisting of small to large catchment areas such as airport pavements, container ports, industrial parks distribution centres, highways, motorways and correctional facilities.

Qmax consists of two metre long units which are fitted with water tight seals. Five sizes are available to cater for the drainage of small urban streetscapes up to large expansive tarmacs. For specific sizes and further information about the Qmax slot drainage system, please visit the Qmax page in the Products section of

For further information about installation of our commercial drainage systems, see the Product Support page.

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