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Brisbane and East St Intersection Upgrade, Ipswich, QLD

Located on the Bremer River, Ipswich is approximately 40km west of the Brisbane CBD. The city began life in 1827 as a mining settlement and is now renowned for its architectural, natural and cultural heritage with over 6000 heritage-listed sites and over 500 parks.

Project Design Brief

Engineers identified several inner-city intersections that had developed drainage problems. Due to a tight shoulder corridor and depth restrictions from existing underground services, conventional kerb inlet pits could not be accommodated. Designers needed a compact drainage system which would preserve the continuity of the kerb and be easy to maintain.

ACO's Solution


  • Unlike conventional kerb and gutter systems, KerbDrain transforms kerbs into continuous capture inlet structures with minimal excavation.
  • The profile of the KerbDrain QK200B is the same as TMR’s Type 5 Barrier Kerb ensuring visual continuity and smooth transition with existing kerbs.
  • KerbDrain Access Units can be positioned along the drainage runs to ensure easy access for rodding maintenance.
Brisbane And East St Intersection Upgrade, Ipswich,
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