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Labrador-Carrara Road, Gold Coast, QLD

The Labrador-Carrara Road is a major north-south arterial road on the Gold Coast that was recently upgraded to three lanes in both directions on a 2km stretch of road. The Gold Coast is experiencing pressure from rapid population growth and an increase in the number of tourists visiting the city. The road has been upgraded to improve safety for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians, improve traffic flow and reduce travel times between major tourist, social and economic hubs. A major influence for the road upgrade was to help manage the increased traffic during the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Project Design Brief

Designers faced challenges reclaiming land from the commercial and retail business owners that line the section of the road requiring widening. The traditional pit and pipe drainage method was not suitable along some areas of the road due to the large amount of excavation required. Long crossovers entering the business properties were also needed for vehicles entering at speed.

ACO's Solution

  • Monoblock RD200V one-piece heavy-duty modular trench drain
  • ACO’s Technical Services Department provided designers with grate hydraulics and channel performance calculations to ensure the system met the requirements of the project. ACO also recommended the optimum spacing for the drainage pits


  • Monoblock requires minimal excavation and is a robust and compact single-piece construction that is ideal for areas frequently trafficked by vehicles
  • The large openings of the Monoblock top section ensure runoff is continually captured
Labrador Carrara Road

Other ACO products used:

  •  Cable pits
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