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Werrington Arterial Road, NSW

The Australian Federal and NSW State government have committed $3.6 billion to improve infrastructure in Western Sydney over a 10-year period. Werrington Arterial Road is part of the infrastructure plan and consists of widening Gipps Street and Kent Road to four lanes between the M4 Motorway and the Great Western Highway at Claremont Meadows. At a cost of $55 million, the work includes new entry and exit ramps to the M4 motorway, three intersection upgrades, shared pedestrian and cyclist paths, noise walls, street lighting and a new drainage system.

Project Design Brief

Designers were confronted with a major issue, as the corridor of works is located directly above a major gas main. The gas main could not be diverted making the traditional pit and pipe drainage option unsuitable. Designers required a quick and cost effective alternative solution that required minimal excavation.

ACO's Solution

  • KerbDrain QK200B
  • ACO’s Technical Services Department provided designers with hydraulic performance data including slot intake capacities and the optimum distance to space drainage pits


  • The KerbDrain QK200B is a shallow linear drain with an equivalent profile to RMS’s SA, SL and SM barrier profile, ensuring a smooth transition and visual continuity
  • Access units positioned at regular intervals along the drainage run provide easy access for rodding during maintenance
Werrington Road
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