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Henry Lane, St Leonards NSW

The City of Willougby is a local government area on the lower north shore of Sydney. It encompasses the suburb of St Leonards, a popular commercial and residential district, 5km north of Sydney CBD.

Project Design Brief

First settled in the late nineteenth century, several parts of St Leonards are linked by small lanes and alleyways. One such area is Henry Lane between Mitchell Street and Martin Street, which had a drainage issue that endangered several residences. Designers were challenged with the limited space available for a new drainage system. Stormwater needed to be collected effectively from the road surface and discharged directly into the main stormwater lines.

ACO's Solution

  • KerbDrain QK100 combined kerb and drainage system
  • ACO’s Technical Service Department assisted designers with site-specific hydraulic performance data


  • The KerbDrain profile is compatible with the existing standard barrier profile
  • Drop kerb components ease the transition to road level from the kerb for pedestrian safety
  • Access units within the drainage run ensures easy access for rodding during maintenance
Henry Lane, St Leonards NSW
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