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Princes Highway, Figtree

Manufactured from durable, polymer concrete, the KerbDrain system consists of 500mm long pre-cast modular units each comprising an integrally cast channel and batter with inlets for continuous drainage.

Project Design Brief

The underlying channel then transfers captured flow to the stormwater system often eliminating the need for multiple pits.

Recently completed road- works on the Princes Highway in Figtree, Wollongong (NSW), has allowed the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) to install, along the median a new type of surface drainage system.

ACO's Solution

  • Unlike conventional kerb and gutter systems, KerbDrain transforms kerbs into continuous inlet structures with minimal excavation.
  • The project showcases 220 metres of KerbDrain in the super elevated section of the Princes Highway, where in some locations; units are assembled to tight radii near turning bays.
Princes Highway Figtree
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