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Monash Freeway Upgrade, Melbourne, Victoria

Stage 1 of the Monash Freeway Upgrade was an undertaking of the Victorian State Government to ease traffic congestion and improve road safety to Melbourne’s southeast corridor. More than 30 km of extra traffic lanes were added with the freeway being widened between East Link interchange and South Gippsland Freeway, and Clyde Road in Berwick.

Project Design Brief

The additional lanes meant that, during wet weather, there would be a subsequent increase in stormwater runoff. As with all road-widening projects, there would also be a reduction of available space making it impossible to integrate a conventional kerb inlet pit system. Designers therefore needed a safe, robust trench drain, which could quickly remove all surface water from the road surface. Easy access for maintenance was also a criterion.

ACO's Solution

  • TraffikDrain TD200 with Iron Transverse grates
  • ACO Technical Service Department assisted designers with hydraulic data of the TraffikDrain system and also advised how far apart to space gully pits


  • TraffikDrain’s linear drainage system delivers cost savings compared with closely spaced kerb inlet pit and pipe system
  • TraffikDrain’s anti-shunt lugs ensure grates are secure and cannot be dislodged by excessive wheel movements and braking
  • TraffikDrain’s PowerLok® boltless locking mechanisms allows for easy access for maintenance
Monash Freeway Upgrade, Melbourne

Other ACO products used:

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