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Epping Train Station, Epping, NSW

Epping Station has developed into one of Sydney’s major interchange and transit hubs and has recently undergone a major upgrade affecting its adjacent roadways. The station has three above ground platforms linked by an overhead pedestrian walkway and two below ground platforms.

Project Design Brief

The surrounding roadways needed to be realigned and regraded to accommodate the extra space required for the extension to the overhead walkway.

The designers were concerned with Langston Parade as the existing drainage infrastructure could not be moved. They also required all of the surface water to be captured, ensuring the safety and comfort of commuters.

ACO's Solution

  • ACO’s KerbDrain QK200B was specified as it efficiently removes all the stormwater from the road surface and is aesthetically compatible with the existing kerb structures.


  • KerbDrain transforms kerbs into continuous inlet structures with minimal excavation.
Epping Train Station

Other ACO products used:

  • Grated trench and pit drains
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