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Shellharbour Road, Shellharbour, NSW

Shellharbour Road (Grand Pacific Drive) is an important road linking the south coast town of Shellharbour to the Princes Motorway, the major road connecting the south coast towns of NSW. The coastal towns are a popular destination for tourists on weekends and public holidays. The increased traffic volumes necessitated the road to be upgraded to a dual carriageway in both directions.

Project Design Brief

With an expanded dual carriageway, designers wanted to incorporate a number of superelevations with a central median strip into the road design. This posed some safety concerns with the risk of surface runoff ponding along the median and encroaching into the traffic lane. Designers needed to ensure runoff was collected immediately and considered continuous drainage inlets instead of the traditional pit and pipe system.

ACO's Solution

  • ACO KerbDrain QK200A
  • ACO’s Technical Service Department provided designers with exact hydraulic performance data to ensure surface water would not encroach onto the traffic lanes during storms


  • KerbDrain is a continuous capture inlet drainage system designed to remove surface water along its length
  • KerbDrain eliminates the need for grates in the shoulder of the road, providing more usable space
  • The profile of the KerbDrain QK200A was changed to QK200SF in early 2013 to match the NSW Roads & Maritime Services SF kerb profile specifications
Shellharbour Road Shellharbour
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