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Springvale Road Rail Separation, VIC

The road and rail separation project at Springvale, south-east of Melbourne involved lowering the rail line by over 10m at Springvale Road. Springvale Station is a transport hub that has bus, taxi, bicycle and pedestrian facilities. The new rail line is located to the north of the existing tracks.

Project Design Brief

Lowering the rail line created several issues for designers. Drainage of the track was a particular challenge as designers needed to stop the ballast on the railway track from potentially blocking the drainage system.

ACO's Solution

  • ACO’s Qmax 350 was specified as the 26mm drainage slot ensures track gravel is prevented from entering the drain.


  • Qmax 350 is a high capacity drainage system, enabling designers to reduce the number of drainage pits and space them further apart.
  • Qmax 350 is also lightweight, at 24kg for a 2m length, enabling quick installation.
Springvale Rd Railway Station

Other ACO products used:

  • Grated trench drain
  • Cable enclosures
  • Access covers
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