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Chambers Flat Road, Logan City, QLD

Logan City is a growing metropolitan area situated between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. To accommodate the growing needs of the area, the Logan City council has invested heavily in civil infrastructure projects to ensure the future residential and business needs of the community will be met. One such project was the upgrade of Chambers Flat Road from Park Ridge Road to Crestmead Road costing $18 million. The upgrade included two dedicated lanes northbound and southbound, new signalised intersections, a central median strip with street lighting and drainage works.

Project Design Brief

The widening of the road to two lanes in both directions created some challenges for designers as there was insufficient width for a shoulder. The centre median strip required a compact drainage system that would efficiently capture rainwater runoff. Gully pits would have protruded onto the carriageway with the traditional pit and pipe drainage method, so an alternative space-saving drainage system was required.

ACO's Solution

  • KerbDrainQK200SF
  • ACO Technical Service Department assisted designers with hydraulic performance data including slot intake capacities


  • KerbDrain QK200SF is cost effective as the number of gully pits required is significantly reduced compared to traditional pit and pip drainage
  • KerbDrain eliminates the need for grates along the median, providing more usable space
Chambers Flat Road
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