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CLEM7 Tunnel Ipswich Rd Access

To alleviate traffic congestion, the 4.8km M7 Clem Jones Tunnel is a $3.2B motorway project built under the Brisbane River to connect major southern to the northern arterial roads whilst bypassing the Brisbane CBD.

Project Design Brief

Drainage was required at the southern end where designers faced many challenges, in particular, with existing road contours on the busy Ipswich Road access links.

ACO's Solution

ACO’s PowerDrain, comprising heavy duty anti-shunt boltless locking grates, was specified as a substitute to traditional side inlet pits to ensure surface water is captured effectively without the need for regrading to accommodating the widening of Ipswich Road.

CLEM7 Tunnel Ipswich Rd Acces

Other ACO products used:

  • Other PowerDrain systems
  • ACO Cablemate® cable pits
  • ACO Access cover & frame systems
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