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Cook Street, Westgate Freeway - CityLink Western Link, VIC

VicRoads has recently deployed a construction program to provide traffic network improvements to the Webb Dock precinct at Cook Street for both outbound entry and inbound exit ramps on the Westgate Freeway. This included the construction of a separate carriageway on the north side of the freeway, providing direct access from Cook Street to the CityLink Western Link ramp without interference with the Westgate Freeway mainline traffic.

Project Design Brief

Designers identified the need for a new left-hand turning lane from Cook Street to Salmon Street. Consequently, some of the footpath area needed to be reclaimed, but conventional kerb inlet pits could not be accommodated due to the restricted space. As effective surface water drainage was critical in this part of the carriageway for both vehicular and pedestrian safety, designers required a more compact drainage solution.

ACO's Solution

  • KerbDrain QK200SF
  • ACO’s Technical Services Department provided designers with inlet slot and channel performance calculations to ensure the system met the project requirements


  • KerbDrain’s compact design enabled it to fit neatly in the shoulder of the carriageway
  • Installing KerbDrain reduced the cost as fewer gully pits and pipework was required resulting in a quicker installation time without interference with other underlying services.
  • Being able to position regular access units along the drainage run ensured easy access for rodding during maintenance.
Cook Street, Westgate Freeway - CityLink Western Link, VIC
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